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Latest News:
September 2007, after six months at a bank I took a job at Sungard consulting. At the same time Chris took a job at a bank.
March 2007, we went to the shelter and picked up a couple of kittens. They are called Pineapple and Jean Gray and are absolut gorgeous. The gallery will be ypdated over time.
June 2006, we bought a house in Astoria, Queens. It has three bedrooms since Chris' kids are moving in with us. Some pics are here.
March 29, 2006 the last two years of my life result in the launch of Barneys New York. At this point, I would like to thank my husband for his continuous support while I spent much long hours making it happen. Actually, he was busy too launching Brides.
September 2005, it's done! Chris and I got married on August 27th in St. Kitts. It was a beautiful ceremony on the beach and a great party afterwards. 23 family members and friends came from New York, Florida, and Germany to celebrate with us. Check out the pictures.
July 2005, the plans for our wedding are making progress. Only one month is left until we have the beach party.
February 2005, Christo and Jean-Claude installed The Gates in Central Park.
October 2004, Peter, Shaun, Chris, and I spent the weekend of Halloween in New Orleans. It was a big party and we had a lot of fun.
We went to Asia's and Tomasz's wedding, spending a couple of days in Berlin and then in Warsaw. Here are the pictures. And then we went to Bydgosz for the wedding.
Asia and Tomasz are getting married in July in Poland. We wanted to combine it with the love parade in Berlin, but the parade just got cancelled because of funding issues.
Anyway, we'll still spend some time in Berlin and in Warsaw and drink a lot of Vodka and hang out and have lots of fun.
We spend a view days in Montreal because I had to go to Ottawa to get a new visa. (sorry, no pictures this time) One of the best places we went to is the Jello Bar.
In February 2004 I finally switched jobs. After five and a half years with Sun I thought I need a change. My new challenge is local in New York City, no more travel, no more hotels, and no more customer. Just an office every day...
It's gonna be a nice change.
My current project is a Java center of excellency in Boston. Meaning I travel every Monday to Boston and come back to New York on Thursdays.
In November 2000 I transferred to the Sun Java Center in New York City, where I established myself as Java Architect.
After three months working as Internet consultant for a bank in Germany, I joined Sun Microsystems Switzerland in July 1998. My office at Sun was near Zuerich but my work as Technical Consultant for SAP R/3 included customer visits all around Switzerland.
Born in 1971 in Gross-Gerau, Germany. I finished school in 1990 and started to study computer science at the Technical University of Darmstadt. Additionally to my studies, I worked in the Centre of Computer Graphics in the department of Animation and Image Communication. There, I've learned how to use my theoretical knowledge achieved at the university to program in C, C++, Lisp, and Java. My master's thesis was part of a project called "Personalized electronic Newspaper" at the WebOffice at CERN.
updated: 09/22/2005